Technology Organization as a Service [TOaaS]

TOaaS is a self-managed, self-scaling, and human-centric software delivery service that can be tightly integrated into your team to achieve key results efficiently and in cost-effective ways.

TOaaS Service Methods

Avoid the expense and complications of an in-house tech team, and the inefficiencies and cost overruns of outsourcing. TOaaS can deliver better value for less money, a greater collaboration experience, and significantly reduced management overhead. Here’s how we work:


Extreme Alignment

In outsourcing, too much is lost in translation due to the barriers that occur naturally when multiple organizations collaborate. S&F achieves Extreme Alignment by fostering team unity through Scrum, Frequent Feedback, Testing, Developmental Work, and value-based pricing.


Elastic Delivery

S&F's Elastic Delivery prioritizes the right people performing tasks at the right time, resulting in cost reduction, focused project scope, and accountability. We establish a scalable team with changing requirements, delivering the most value for every dollar spent.

How TOaaS Works: Self-Managed 


Effective communication

Effective communication and collaboration with your team are established through technical integration (through things like Slack and Jira), Agile modeling (on our side), and frequent cross-team meetings. All our developers and team members are able to communicate as much — or as little — as you need.


Trust is created

Trust is created through developmental training (see DDO, below), building project management processes, assessing bottlenecks, and providing oversight of internal processes. Close contact with your team means we can adapt in agile ways without breakpoints or delays.


Solutions are presented

Solutions are presented as problems arise rather than just naming them and expecting you to help resolve them. Risk management and resolution are the DNA of every project.

How TOaaS Works: Self-Scaling  

The size and skill set of a team are adjusted without you needing to predict workload or demand. Once we know your top-level business goals or emerging user feedback, including presentation dates or upcoming rounds, we manage the entire project from inception to completion within your given budget.

The science of scaling is part of our tech lead and project manager’s training, as they remain in contact with your team, each other, and the S&F staff (including juniors, architects, DevOps, etc.). Their experience allows them to map out likely places of increasing and decreasing staffing needs. 


Value per dollar spent is one the outcomes our clients most appreciate about this process. 

TOaaS Can Be Used With

SaaS Platforms / Mobile Apps / Integrations / Large Websites / Support, Features, Maintenance

We are a Deliberately Developmental Organization [DDO]


Our TOaaS service and human experience are fueled by an overt understanding that humans grow and change the same way technology does — with care and awareness. All our relationships are fluid, always-improving ones. We use Developmental Sprints®, a human technology designed and perfected by decades of Harvard research to guide our [r]evolutionary project management process.