Software development so collaborative, it’s virtually built in-house.


We’re not contractors, we’re collaborators. A steadfast extension of your team, grounded in a developmental culture and rock solid engineering, ready to tackle the most complex of technical and collaboration challenges.


How we do it

We build custom software applications using today’s most advanced technology. But so do a lot of software engineering firms. So what makes us different?

At Speed & Function, we strive to make working with us easy – whether that’s providing seamless integration with your team, rock solid processes, or high-caliber talent that gets it right, first time.

Our unique value lies in our developmental approach. Through focusing on learning, feedback, and transparency, we are able to achieve alignment with our clients (and manage uncertainty and complexity) with speed, flexibility and ease.

We are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Our team of professionals:

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Olga Michai

Account Manager

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Our integrated approach to software development.

  • Agile thinking: Through use of the Scrum framework, we’re able to avoid risks, communicate with transparency and get your product to market more quickly.
  • Elastic delivery: To optimize costs, we assign you a lean, mean, self-scaling dev team that functions as-needed, when needed.
  • Intensive collaboration: Daily check-ins ensure transparency and simplify the process.
  • Local presence: Locations all over the globe mean someone is always available, but if you’re looking for someone in your time zone, our homebase is Philadelphia, PA.

Full stack software engineering, which includes the following practices:

Our Process:

Web Development Process
Spark DSG

Spark DSG

Founded in 2011, Spark DGS is a design agency based in Doylestown, PA. S&F handles roughly 85% of Spark’s total development work. As the design agency continues to grow, its deliberately collaborative partnership with S&F only matures and expands in more mutually beneficial ways. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the two companies worked at an excruciating pace to successfully design and develop a site for a client, who makes ventilators, urgently needed during the crisis

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SecureCore offers managers of multi-family properties (90% of their plans) customized, actionable emergency response plans. In 2017, SecureCore approached us to “rescue the project”  – the app that was crucial to interaction with their paid software. We helped them create a smooth and easy UX to let anybody at the property have access to the software. This way, each member of the organization embraces responsibility and has a solid understanding of the disaster plan: what to do in case of emergency and whom to call. 

Technology Stack: MeteorJS, Blaze + React, Apache Cordova, AWS

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CertainTeed is North America’s leading brand of exterior and interior building products, known for innovation and sustainability. It’s owned by Saint Gobain, a 350 y.o. multinational corporation with $40b revenue and 180,000 employees. The company needed to build a website from scratch that would handle a multi-level catalog of products and lots of educational resources. 

S&F joined the development effort that was started by another agency and eventually took on full responsibilities of building a scalable website with easily editable design and powerful search and filtering options.

Technology Stack: Drupal 8, Bootstrap 3

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Large medical device company

Breathe easily: A ventilator manufacturer with offices in 100+ countries saw a massive spike in their product demand at the beginning of 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Neither their website, nor their mobile app were on-par with the customer demands. Localization was also an issue. That is why they called on S&F to help them create a better digital experience. Beginning with an audit, our team soon understood the main pain points that needed to be solved. In less than 3 months, S&F delivered an integrated, fast-working platform that responded to the urgency of the situation.
Tech and tools we used: Drupal, AWS, SASS, TWIG, jQuery, Jira.

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A night at the online museum: The COVID-19 pandemic forced many institutions to expand on their digital presence. This was the case for the US-based museum that chose to partner up with S&F in 2021. They asked our team to set up an interactive website that would allow users to immerse themselves in their respective topic. In addition to the museum’s customer-oriented requests, S&F also worked on strengthening their protective measures and protocols for their new website, thus applying a preventive approach to cybersecurity.
Tech and tools we used: React Native + Drupal 8

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Simulator for a Major US Airline

Simulator for a Major US Airline

When a major US airline needed to overhaul their internal training system, they partnered with Speed & Function to create an ipad-based training simulation. Their existing training platform crashed constantly, resulting in rescheduled trainings. Our solution — we developed a front-end based simulator of the training platform to get their on-boarding process back on track.

Technology Stack: Front-end, Angular 1.5, Redux, SASS



No sweat video conferencing: The team at VUWR, a video hosting platform, was dissatisfied with the quality of video conferencing apps on the market. They quickly saw this as an opportunity to build their own versatile video conferencing software, with an emphasis on cyber security. VUWR chose S&F as partners to get this done. Our team took VUWR’s initial open-source prototype and converted it into a viable commercial solution that makes thousands of users happy every day (all done in less than 6 months).

Tech and tools we used: Agora, React, Ably, Node.js, AWS services (AWS Lambda functions, EC2, CloudFront, route53).

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4b+ corporation

Mind the crisis: A US-based engineering and consultancy business needed a custom-built web application to manage their hazard mitigation tasks. In their line of work, having the right digital space to help them streamline the complexity of handling crises is vital. The project demanded a high degree of technical sophistication, an assignment that was up S&F’s alley. In less than 8 months, our team built an environment that had all the required functionalities, underlining the usability and intuitive feel of the app interface.  

Tech and tools we used: Ruby/Ruby on Rails, GrapeAPI, Sidekiq, ActiveAdmin, React, Ant Design.

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Legal Firm

Law and digital order: A legal firm working with governmental institutions in 50+ US states acquired another smaller law practice and needed help with streamlining their tasking and tracking efforts across the two bodies. Having had bad experiences with previous software development companies, they hoped S&F would be different. Starting from scratch, our team managed to cover the complexity of the firm’s processes through a custom-built environment that is fast-working and flexible. Our client appreciated the transparency and involvement we demonstrated in our collaboration.
Tech and tools we used: Ruby/Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sentry, Heroku, jQuery, Rspec, Insightly.

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Syneos Health

Syneos Health is a $4.6b multinational organization that helps companies with clinical trials and biopharmaceutical therapies. For the client that had developed four websites dedicated to Wilson’s disease and didn’t have quality assurance and quality control specialists, Syneos Health was looking for a professional QA team to test several websites under a tight deadline.

Cooperating with Speed and Function, Syneos Health set a deadline to cover the layout testing of 100+ pages across 4 browsers and 4 devices in a couple of weeks. The client did not have easy access to a QA team and all the testing work initially was done by managers. The S&F team had to find all bugs before websites’ production, ensuring their error-free release and seamless user experience in tight deadlines without documentations in suitable format at the start of the projects. Addressing immediate testing needs, QA engineers were also meant to build long-term support for these websites.

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A leading water technology company

Our end client is a leading water technology company committed to “solving water” by creating innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the world’s water, wastewater and energy needs.

​In a world of ever-growing challenges, client’s company delivers innovative water technology solutions throughout the cycle of water.

Its technological strength across the life cycle of water is second-to-none. From collection and distribution to reuse and return to nature, our highly efficient water technologies, industrial pumps and application solutions not only use less energy and reduce life-cycle costs, but also promote sustainability.

S&F was hired to improve website performance and user experience mainly on a legacy project that was running for almost 10 years. As the website was serving marketing and e-commerce purposes the project is one of the most crucial parts of the business and basically the face of the company in the eyes of partners that are selling their products on the website and making their own marketing campaigns there.

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Development Company

Urbane Development (Urbane) is a community development venture and certified MBE based in New York City. Founded in 2008, Urbane cultivates innovative solutions to build dynamic neighborhoods and positively impact underserved communities. We envision neighborhoods that are defined by their strengths and experienced as places of opportunity and innovation. Urbane leverages the advantages of for-profit enterprise for community benefit by focusing on strategies that generate wealth and resource capacity for communities. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and anchor institutions in underserved communities take their businesses and organizations to the next level. This is our strategy for creating local wealth and a way to begin to address the social inequity caused by a failure in the marketplace to provide quality, affordable goods and services in dynamic, diverse, but underserved communities.

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Top University-affiliated Network of Hospitals

Don’t skip a (heart) beat: A digital agency needed an extra hand with building a large marketing website for one of their clients, a top-university-affiliated network of hospitals. Next to the website refinements, the agency also wanted our team to use their SiteImprove scanning tool to record the platform performance. With all the changes applied to the website by S&F in only 1 month, our team bettered the site’s SiteImprove score, taking it from 52 to 67.4. A key part of our work was getting the entire platform to be ADA compliant, making sure the end-user navigates the space with ease.

Tech and tools we used: Twig, SASS, Gulp, Javascript, Drupal 8, Acquia Cloud hosting

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TreeAge Software, LLC has been a beacon in decision analysis and health economics for over 30 years. Their team of scientists, engineers, trainers, and support associates have grown and developed alongside the decision analytics community to build and refine our flagship software – TreeAge Pro. TreeAge Software, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

TreeAge Pro is the leading visual tool for creating and analyzing decision trees. Create decision trees of unlimited complexity for any type of decision.

  • TreeAge Pro Healthcare – for health economists, clinicians, researchers, and HEOR professionals
  • TreeAge Pro Business – for attorneys and business analysts

TreeAge Pro software is used in a wide array of industries, including healthcare, legal, oil & gas exploration, management consulting, investing, teaching, etc.

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Financial investment institution

Investing in good business: After developing 4 new products, a financial investment firm requested the creation of 4 bespoke, SEO-optimized landing pages from S&F. The challenge was integrating the client’s marketing automation tool, Oracle Eloqua, into the regular S&F workflow. Each page called for a different design strategy that would be campaign-adaptive for the client. With some extra QA testing, our team managed to deliver the final build, facilitating the client’s grouped product release without any delay.
Tech and tools we used: Storybook, Twig, Sass, JavaScript, Drupal, Yarn, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

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Syneos Health
Firstrust Bank
Mode Transportation
Tetra Tech

This is what people think

Speed & Function has been an invaluable collaborator in expediting progress on the Wikimedia Foundation’s yearly engineering roadmap and key development projects. Whether it’s augmenting day to day maintenance of our platform codebase to more complex, strategic projects and experiments - we know we can trust Speed & Function to do the job well (and often ahead of schedule)
Mat Nadrofsky, Wikimedia Foundation
Director of Engineering
The S&F team has taken the time to develop a deep understanding of our program and how it works. They were very quick to pick up our Meteor.js code base and contribute to it productively. They are helping us develop a better workflow and to shape our long term vision for this project. The team has a fast response time and good communication skills.
MJ Klenk, RestoreCore
The Developmental Sprint® app, designed by myself and our Chief Business Officer and moved online by Speed & Function, enables individuals and teams to surface and overcome hurdles to success. Within three months of our initial conversation, we had our first beta-version to test with a client. Within six months, we were using it as a cornerstone of our business expansion. Our mission has always been to help people and organizations to get better at getting better. This app has enabled us to scale that mission within an organization by providing a common platform and language for identifying and acting on areas of improvement.
Andy Fleming, The Developmental Edge
Chief Executive Officer
The Developmental Sprint(R) app was my first time creating an online app. I needed a team with patience, compassion, and enthusiasm in order to help me execute against the plan. Speed & Function helped me to not only create the app, but to think through and practice how it would work. As a result, we now have an online app that supports our ever-expanding global business.
Claire Lee, The Developmental Edge
Chief Business Officer
I've been working with Nick and his team for about a year now. The quality of their work is by far the best I've ever seen. Even better, they are willing to spend extra time explaining what they are doing and to help you in any way possible.
Seth Goldstein
By far the best development company I've ever worked with — and I've worked with dozens. They are hands-on, precise, patient, highly-skilled, and actually care about what they are building. It's not a contract for them, they join in as if they are official members of your team.
Jason Sherman
The professionalism, care, and attention of the S&F team is fantastic. They take the time to truly understand their clients’ needs, they ask a lot of questions so that nothing is overlooked, and they deliver quickly and efficiently. We have finally found our forever dev team.
Sara Elliott, Encore Editions
Before our partnership with Speed & Function, we had two major outsourcing challenges: 1) poor project management/client services, and 2) lack of quality execution. Freelancers and companies alike produced amateurish deliverables that weren’t complete, the work purely transactional vs. part of our overall strategy. With S&F, we were relieved to see work that was completed end-to-end. We never have to pull teeth to get things finished. Their process demonstrates confidence in their expertise, and it’s helpful that the founder is here and available in Philly.
Before finding S&F, we had a handful of web developers that were unresponsive, slow to finish, and often didn't understand what we were trying to fix. In a very quick and responsive turnaround, S&F fixed one of our forms and implemented a few custom modules. They also supported us with some Drupal updates. Our website is now more manageable and secure.
22q Family Foundation
S&F has been instrumental in our project work, especially during ongoing month-over-month engagements. We look at them as an extension of our team. They have a deep pool of solid engineering talent. We never have concerns about the quality of their work or their ability to figure stuff out — that’s their greatest strength.
S&F is a solid business partner. Nick and his team are willing to do whatever it takes to make a project successful and to keep the customer satisfied. They are professional and thorough.
Chris Allison, Turnberry Solutions

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