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Meet our team: engineers, project managers, leadership, and even a few interns!

Irina Abramson picture

Irina Abramson

Co-founder and CEO

Irina's background is in Aquatic Ecology and Paleobiology, and her interest in information design was sparked by creating presentation materials for scientific conferences. The scientist's life has taken Irina from the shores of Cape Cod to onboard a research vessel in the Sargasso Sea. After making the shift to web development in 2003 Irina led a team of UI designers, copywriters and front-end developers along with database designers and engineers in an e-commerce environment.

Tom Guidotti picture

Tom Guidotti

VP Business Development

Tom's diverse background includes a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and two profitable start-up businesses. He uses his expertise in business management and interpersonal skills to help S&F maintain a focus on our clients. In Graduate school Tom studied company culture development, and has helped shape the culture within S&F. In his spare time Tom enjoys playing the drums and building structures out of legos.

Spencer Varadi picture

Spencer Varadi

VP of Product

Spence spends his days making peoples' innovative ideas profitable. No day is better spent than white-boarding cutting edge software that enhances a company's effectiveness or users' experiences. He is an active networker and strives to make connections that bring businesses to the next level. Outside daily operations, Spence engages in machine learning competitions and archery.

Andrii picture


VP Operations

Andrii Demko is an international, multilingual, proactive and results focused entrepreneur who has founded five companies in different industries, such as retail, manufacturing, advertising, and technology. While running those companies, he has developed a strong understanding of how to create an innovative product, take it to a market, how to scale companies, and how to manage talented people. Also, Andrii possesses an MBA degree from Philadelphia University.

Stas Nikitin picture

Stas Nikitin

Practice Lead: PM/QA

Stas Nikitin has over 9 years experience in QA, over 3 years in management, and a degree in Mathematics. For the past four years, he's been leading a QA team of 5-6 people, both staff and contractors. Stas participated in testing projects for Bayada Nurses, FULLHAUS, GSW Worldwide, Jason Hewitt, Newdea, PMI, Ramada, Reliable Reports, SunGard, and Tire Kingdom. Stas devotes his free time to photography, traveling and hiking. He also played tournament checkers, and holds a master title.

Ivan Osadchy picture

Ivan Osadchy

Interim Director of Engineering, Ruby on Rails Practice Lead

Ivan is fascinated by the rapid progress of web technologies. He has a degree in Computer Science, and his focus is on backend development that requires abstract thinking skills. While working in the web industry since 2005, Ivan has learned a number of technologies, and his primary work horse is Ruby on Rails and document-oriented databases such as MongoDB. His hobbies include backpacking and traveling to obscure places, unpopular among tourists.

Elvira Becker picture

Elvira Becker

Project Manager

Elvira's affinity for the sciences propelled her into a university setting when she was only sixteen years of age. Since then she has acquired a master's degree in Math and Computer Science. An IT professional for five years now, she has contributed to the success of user friendly websites and looks to continue this work. Elvira is also a ranked chess player.

Jason Young picture

Jason Young

Java Practice Lead

As a software architect with 20 years of software engineering experience, Jason Young has excelled on a variety of projects: from modeling and simulation of space systems at Lockheed Martin, to web analytics for Toys R Us, to the award-winning iPaaS (integration platform as a service) offered by Dell. With this level of expertise, Jason Young has the breadth and depth of knowledge for the design, implementation, and delivery of comprehensive and scalable SaaS solutions.

K Pastor picture

K Pastor

Middleware and Back-End Lead

Pastor's first name is Konstantin, but no one calls him that around here. He's been working as a technical and team leader for the last several years, leading both front-end and and server-side engineering. Holding a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Pastor has been in the web industry since 2006 and has lots of experience in developing large web applications, such as CRMs, tools for business and sales. His work of choice is architecture and structure. When not working, Konstantin likes to spend time playing with his two young children: a daughter and a son.

Jaro Shell picture

Jaro Shell

UI Engineering Lead

Jaro started working as a PHP and front-end developer while studying Engineering and Applied Science at the National Academy of Environmental Protection. He's been with us since 2011 and has quickly become a leader, who's now responsible for most of the front-end that our team delivers. In his free time Jaro enjoys cycling and weightlifting.

Andrew Butik picture

Andrew Butik

Software Engineer

Andrew has a degree in Computer Science and more than 20 years of programming experience. He has worked in numerous projects and teams using Agile methodologies, pair programming, and diverse companies for programing and testing. Andrew often takes on software architecture projects. He was fascinated by programming as well as electronics of any kind even as a child, and always wanted to learn how they were designed and engineered. Andrew is a father of two, and spends his free time with his family. He also loves to listen to audio books on history, science, and classical literature.

Anri Bolon picture

Anri Bolon

Software Engineer

Anri grew up in a family of mathematicians, and he's been familiar with computers and programming from an early age. For Anri, modern front-end frameworks are not only tools of the trade, but also a hobby. He's interested in everything javascript, and especially Node.js. Anri holds a degree in Economics and has experience in e-commerce and in increasing sales. In his spare time, Anri enjoys traveling with his wife, listening to music and playing the guitar.

Vlad Korn picture

Vlad Korn

QA Engineer

Vlad has been with the company since March 2015 as a QA engineer. He comes from the game industry QA background and his last position was at Arkadium, where he tested games for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. He also has experience testing on mobile games and applications. Vlad graduated from the National Academy of Environmental Protection and has a degree in Computer Science for Economics. When not testing applications, Vlad enjoys cycling, weightlifting, and spearfishing.

Dmitry Kravchenko picture

Dmitry Kravchenko

DevOps Engineer

Dmitry has more than six years of experience as a Systems Administrator. His previous job was with a large hosting provider. Dmitry is interested in high-loaded systems and new technologies. He likes to travel and to discover new things.

Irina Melnik picture

Irina Melnik

PM, Business Analyst, Scrum Master

Irina is a passionate learner. She studied Philology and English Literature in two universities simultaneously, and augmented her education with courses in General Records Management and Staff Records Management. Her communications and effective problem solving helped her grow from Content Manager to Communications Manager and then Project Manager. Irina is always expanding her skills in quality assurance and business development. She is also a big fan of Sci-Fi literature and alternative rock music, and likes to visit festivals and conventions.

Ivan Smalzer picture

Ivan Smalzer

Devops Lead

Ivan was one of the first members to join our team. He is currently studying for a master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Ivan likes working on discovering new methods of spam-detection, and dedicates himself to improving his web development and network security skills. His is also interested in the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. Ivan enjoys science fiction books and online role-playing games.

Kolya Barber picture

Kolya Barber

Software Engineer

Kolya's previous engagement was with Yandex, which is one of the largest search engines in the world. He holds a degree in Physics and Computer Science. He has been programming for six years, and it has become his passion. In his free time Kolya codes in C/C++ and builds various electronic devices. His other passion is sports, and Kolya was once on the National Tae Kwon Do team.

Lena Pallna picture

Lena Pallna

Project Manager, Business Analyst, QA Engineer

Before diving into QA engineering a few years ago, Lena worked in telecommunications as a program manager and a database administrator. She is a mom, and likes traveling to music festivals, snowboarding and playing games like Go and Backgammon.

Max Tor picture

Max Tor

UI Engineer

Max has ventured into a variety of web development and e-commerce directions, and finally chose to focus on UI engineering. He holds certificates in web design and e-commerce, database development, and web layout. He earned his degree in Engineering and Applied Science and Management from the Environmental Protection department of his university, where he studied with an academic scholarship. Max enjoys photography and traveling. He also loves extreme sports such as kitesurfing and snowboarding.

Natalie Poda picture

Natalie Poda

QA Engineer and Business Analyst

Natalie started her career in tech support, eventually progressing to QA engineering. She holds a master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, which she earned with the help of an academic scholarship. She is driven to learn new skills, and has not only graduated from music school but also earned a second master's in foreign languages. Natalie still plays piano whenever she finds time.

Peter Sirotinsky picture

Peter Sirotinsky

Mobile and CMS Engineer

Peter has over 7 years of software engineering experience, and a degree in Engineering and Computer Science. He's been working as a mobile (native iOS and hybrid) and a CMS engineer. In his spare time Peter studies system programming and enjoys hiking trips.

Regina picture


Business Analyst

Regina was inspired to get a master's degree with Honors in Linguistics by her love for travelling. To be an efficient business analyst and QA professional, she became certified in business management, and web design, and has experience in economics, retail solutions, and e-commerce. Regina spends her free time practicing Aikido, in which she has a first rank.

Ruslan picture


Software Engineer

Ruslan focuses on UI engineering and Ruby on Rails. He holds a master's degree in Biology. After graduating he worked in research for three years, studying genetically modified organisms. Computer technology was one of his main interests ever since early school years, and eventually it became a career. For several years now, Ruslan's primary focus has been front-end development, while biology research remains a hobby. He likes using modern frameworks and researching solutions to difficult Javascript problems. Ruslan is also working on a PhD thesis in GMO.

Sasha Hariton picture

Sasha Hariton

Software Engineer

Sasha's primary focus is Ruby on Rails and content management systems. Web development isn't a job for Sasha, it's a passion. Sasha became interested in Web-technologies while he was a student, and now, in his spare time, Sasha improves his skills in what his job already is: Ruby on Rails. Sasha has been playing soccer since he was a child.

Alexander Laurie picture

Alexander Laurie

UI Engineer

Alexander is a front end developer who has been with Speed & Function since 2013. He comes from Yandex, which is Eastern Europe’s answer to Google, and is focused on mobile front-end. With core competencies in user interface engineering, Alexander is experienced with Jade, CSS (as well as CSS Processors LESS and SASS), Javascript, jQuery and different frameworks for making interfaces shine. Alexander recently moved to Italy and is working on picking up some Italian from his experiences in the country. When Alexander isn’t working he likes to ride his bicycle and go hiking. His favorite place to vacation is in Sardinia, because there isn’t a lot of people and it’s a great way to get back in touch with nature.

Olga Michai picture

Olga Michai

Project Manager

Olga has a master's degree in Biology and her old job was a lecturer and scientific advisor in her university's Forestry and Horticulture department. She was also focused in topiary art and arborsculpture. Olga likes traveling and rock climbing, and at one point climbed to a height of more than 5 thousand meters above sea level.

Evelina Becker picture

Evelina Becker

QA Engineer

Evelina was a consistent winner of regional women's and youth chess tournaments, several years in a row and likes yoga. She holds a bachelor's degree in industrial and civil construction engineering. Evelina was inspired to start a QA career by her sister Elvira.

Helen Shostak picture

Helen Shostak

Software Engineer Intern

Helen is a 3rd year computer science student in the department of applied mathematics. She likes camping and learning new languages (both human and computer).

Vas Jaremchuk picture

Vas Jaremchuk

Drupal Practice Lead

Vasily graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a PhD in Fluid Dynamics and spent 6 years as scientist at the Institute for Mechanics Problems, specializing in computer modulation of convection. While at school, he started experimenting with web programming and released his first project in 2001, a simple web store written in Perl. During his early freelance years, he worked with a multitude of technologies, but ended up focusing in Drupal for the past 8 years and becoming a contributor.

Vasily has two daughters, likes cycling and rollerblading with his older one.

Tim Chudin picture

Tim Chudin

Full Stack Software Engineer

Tim has been working for Speed & Function since 2011. He’s a charismatic individual with a unique sense of humor and is appreciated by both the team and our clients. Tim graduated with a Computer Science and Networking degree, which was clear choice since technology has been his passion from a young age. He started experimenting with coding in middle school and started coding professionally when a friend invited him to help out on a project in 2007. While Tim excels at UI engineering and Node.js, and plans to build more iOS apps in the near future. In addition to software engineering, Tim is interested in radio electronics. He also likes to play tabletop games or with his Playstation, ride on his Cannondale Trail SL4 mountain bike. Tim has also been known to enjoy the occasional pint of Guinness.

Dron Pane picture

Dron Pane

Software Engineer (Java)

Dron has been doing software engineering since 2011 focusing in Java, object-oriented programming, design patterns and algorithms, and Android native. He has a Computer Science degree, likes to play soccer and snowboarding in his spare time.

Val Rudi picture

Val Rudi

Software Engineer and Tech Lead (Java)

Val is a full-stack software engineer and tech lead with a focus in Java and OSX desktop applications. He holds a Master's degree in Math and Computer Science. Val says he likes watching fitness videos on Youtube and eat fast food while at it.

Refat Amet picture

Refat Amet

Software Engineer

Everyone likes Refat!

Alister picture


Software Engineering Intern

Alister joined a boarding school for gifted children when he was in 6th grade and completed it with honors. In 2015 he graduated from National Aerospace University with a degree in system analysis, which was mostly focused on math and data processing. That’s where he started programming in C# and C++. Alister later returned to his Alma Mater to run a computer science lab before getting invited to join Speed and Function as an intern software engineer focusing on Javascript.

Vadim Jin picture

Vadim Jin

Software Engineer

Vadim is a Drupal developer. He has a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Vadim started his career as a System Administrator, but decided to focus on Drupal development since 2013. In his free time Vadim enjoys ambrotype photography and doing sports - snowboarding is his favorite.

Mitch Zamsky picture

Mitch Zamsky

Senior Software Engineer