Technology Through Collaboration

We develop software solutions that transform how our clients do business, through digital expertise, human experience, and unparalleled efficiency. We’re more than just software.

We Do More Than Just Solve The Technical Problem


We see how human challenges arise in the creation, implementation, and deployment of digital technologies. We solve for these human problems as well. Our offerings are designed to bring the best technical solutions and combine them with an unprecedented level of complexity management expertise.

Meet Our Team


For the last 16 years, we’ve been solving some of the deepest and most complicated technical challenges facing our clients. We bring powerful tools to custom software development, but we also understand that there is no technology without humans to design, build, and implement it.


Extreme Alignment is the management framework we use to empower our B2B services collaboration, and Elastic Delivery is how we implement our work in uniquely iterative and dynamic ways to drive our clients to success.

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We Do Custom Software

We use our proprietary TOaaS model to bring these services to our clients in ways unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

SaaS Platforms / Mobile Apps / Integrations / Large Websites / Support, Features, Maintenance

Our Work


Spark DSG

Website Development

S&F handles 85% of Spark’s total development work. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the two companies worked very fast to successfully design and develop a site for a client who makes ventilators, urgently needed during the crisis. The work allowed the ventilators to get to the market faster to fill the need for them. As this agency continues to grow, its deliberately collaborative partnership with S&F continues to mature and expand. Founded in 2011, Spark DGS is a design agency based in Doylestown, PA.


Spadea Lignana

Legal Case Management System

Feature development for a Legal Case Management System [LCMS] digitizing the entire franchise process and becoming the #1 franchise law firm according to Entrepreneur Magazine.


Watts Water

Mobile App and Web Portal

Mobile app and web portal to enable device data access for water engineers, including when they were offline and out of cell range. Developed in partnership with Spark DSG.


Secure Core

Web and Mobile Application

Web and mobile application digitizing disaster planning, response training, and recovery — both online and offline.

TOaaS — Our Unique Offering

TOaaS stands for Technology Organization as a Service. It is a self-managed, self-scaling, and human-centric software delivery engine that tightly integrates into your team and brings key results for your multiple objectives.

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What Makes Us Different

76 Marketing and Advertising final ai

/ Digital Expertise

We are experts in Digital Experience [product innovation and user experience], Digital Organization [Agile frameworks and change management], and Digital Execution [meeting company and market demands]. 

/ Human Experience

We understand humans as well as we understand technology. That means we offer more than outsourced services — we offer teams that act like part of your organization. 

/ Unparalleled Efficiency

By focusing on both the people and the technology as equally vital for success, we provide scalable solutions. We pass along institutional knowledge as our teams scale up or down with demand, adapt to real-world demands in real-time, and offer an unparalleled streamlining of services.

We are Deliberately Developmental Organization [DDO]

Our TOaaS and human experience are fueled by an overt understanding that humans grow and change the same way technology does — with care and awareness. All our relationships are fluid, always-improving ones. We use tools such as Developmental Sprint®, a human technology designed and perfected by decades of Harvard research to guide our [r]evolutionary project management process. 

How We Work

Extreme Alignment

In outsourcing, too much is lost in translation when two or more organizations collaborate. We take deliberate steps ensure our teams are so aligned they feel like a single, in-house team. This saves time, preserves knowledge, creates a collaborative working space, and reduces miscomminications. We implement best practices through Scrum, Frequent Feedback, Testing, Developmental Work, and value-based pricing.

Elastic Delivery

Get the right people doing the right work at the right time. This keeps costs down, the project scope focused, and our team members accountable for high-value deliverables. We work with you, not for you, and we’ll build a team that scales up and down as needed without you needing to manage the process.


Our job is to stay on top of rapidly moving technology, so we can offer the best and smartest solutions for our clients. Yet technology is merely a reflection of the deeper complexity we face in the 21st century. To stay ahead, leaders have to grow beyond where they are today and begin to think differently about tomorrow. Sometimes, we write about that.



Mat Nadrofsky

Director of Engineering at Wikimedia Foundation

Speed & Function has been an invaluable collaborator in expediting progress on the Wikimedia Foundation’s yearly engineering roadmap and key development projects. Whether it’s augmenting day-to-day maintenance of our platform codebase to more complex, strategic projects and experiments – we know we can trust Speed & Function to do the job well.


Andy Fleming

CEO & Founding Principal at The Developmental Edge

The Developmental Sprint® app enables individuals and teams to overcome hurdles to success. Within three months of our initial conversation with S&F, we had our first beta-version to test with a client. Within six months, we were using it as a cornerstone of our business expansion. 


Mahesh Gaitonde

Chief Digital Officer at O3 World

S&F never brought a problem to O3. You bring solutions! Great ability to implement design well, manage project/product, and problem solve. The cultural influence of S&F on our own team is great. 


Justin Max

Founder at Spark DSG

Speed and Function excel at being proactive about browser and OS version issues and proactively solving those issues as well as possessing a thorough QualityAssurance team and process.


Robert Scanlon

President of Scanlon Consulting Group LLC 

Speed & Function connects the dots. Unfortunately, other parts of the world give you only what you ask for. You don’t get connecting the dots, problem-solving, or creativity.


Jason Sherman

Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Consultant

By far the best development company I've ever worked with — and I've worked with dozens. They are hands-on, precise, patient, highly-skilled, and actually care about what they are building. It's not a contract for them, they join in as if they are official members of your team.


Chris Allison

Managing Director at Turnberry Solutions

S&F is a solid business partner. Nick and his team are willing to do whatever it takes to make a project successful and to keep the customer satisfied. They are professional and thorough.


Shai Reichert

Managing Director, Technology at W2O Group

Nick and team are the best. They've basically turned our digital business around. Fast, efficient, cost-effective, communicative, and collaborative.

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