Technology Organization as a Service®

Scoop knowledgeable and involved tech team at your terms. Forget the dev shops which never show you their developers. Never again spend months onboarding an engineer who turns out to be an idle order-taker, bringing little value. Large companies love working with us because they get responsible and proactive workers that speak their language fast. We come on board in two weeks, and in most cases, we stay for years.

Why is TOaaS® from Speed & Function the right choice for your organization?

We’ve built efficient technology organizations over the past 16 years. TOaaS® helps to beat outsourcing pains — billing for unnecessary hours and paying extra hires when they are not engaged. We save you time, and money with two approaches:

  • Extreme Alignment

    In outsourcing, too much is lost in translation due to the barriers that occur naturally when multiple organizations collaborate. S&F takes deliberate steps to make sure our teams are aligned to an extent that it feels like we are a single team working in-house. We implement best practices to build tight alignment: Scrum, Frequent Feedback, Testing, and Developmental Work.

  • Elastic Delivery

    Unlike many devshops, we can start and stop which team members are working with you — scaling skills and capacity up or down, as needed. Our leads help facilitate the right people doing the right work at the right time. This keeps costs down, the project scope focused, and our team members accountable for high-value deliverables. We work with you, not for you, and we’ll build a team that can scale up and down as needed. We care about value per $ spent. It’s on us to push toward your goals, not just you. We’re proactive, involved partners in the software delivery process.


We do custom software. Collaboration with our teams has helped dozens of large businesses to solve their big and small challenges.


Watts Water

Mobile app and web portal

Mobile app and web portal to enable device data access for water engineers, including when they were offline and out of cell range. Developed in partnership with SparkDSG.


Spadea Lignana

Legal case management system [LCMS]

Feature development for a Legal Case Management System [LCMS] digitizing the entire franchise process and becoming the #1 franchise law firm according to Entrepreneur Magazine.


Why it’s beneficial to work with Speed & Function?

We are highly flexible. We offer various work models: retainer, T&M, a fixed price — whichever suits you best. We can adjust to any management approach. In turn, we will assess the bottlenecks in your workflows and suggest ways to eliminate them. At Speed & Function, we value collaboration above all. We strive for constant learning and improving our people and our work. 

We are a Deliberately Developmental Organization [DDO]

This means we understand that humans grow and change the way technology does — with care and awareness. All our relationships are fluid, always-improving ones. We are eager to take and implement your feedback. For it, we use The Developmental Sprints® — a human technology designed and perfected by decades of Harvard research to guide our [r]evolutionary process.

Interested in TOaaS®? Let’s talk