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We are a software consultancy firm that keeps learners motivated through the creation and management of technologies. We curate digital delivery to empower your content, allowing learners to finish, retain, and use what they’ve learned. Make an impact.

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Keeping Learners Motivated

Motivation is the key driver of eLearning success and the single greatest challenge. We have a suite of technologies that can empower online course material, from Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality to interactive elements that make the course material come alive. Beyond that, leaderboards, rewards, puzzles, and quizzes all help to incentivize learners and radically improve completion and retention rates. From training airline employees to educating people about financial decisions, we have the experience of making learning fun, interesting, and interactive.



eLearning from home poses the challenge of different computers, connection speeds, browsers, operating systems, and many other variables that can disrupt the online teaching environment. We ensure that any solutions we create work across as many mediums without degrading quality and speed.



For systems built for offices and work-based training, we maximize technology’s potential to create the most robust learning environment possible.



When we built Vanguard Advisor games, for instance, we had to deliver interactive animations while remaining W3C standards-compliant with our HTML5 and CSS markup supported on multiple platforms, browsers, screen densities, resolutions, and screen sizes.


Our Experience

Bringing Together Employees and Clients

eLearning can help employees to better understand, interact with, and ultimately be of service to their clients. 

Developmental Opportunities within a Company

Companies have a vested interest in giving their employees access to online education because this helps the company with better-trained employees while increasing employee retention and loyalty.

Technology Enabling Full Human Potential

We’ve worked on developing the software to power some of the most revolutionary human potential programs offered today. 

Education and Pro-Democracy Work

We have written the software for companies to create in-house education programs, so for-profits can better communicate with their clients, and non-profits can do things like promote democracy.

How We Work


Extreme Alignment

In outsourcing, too much is lost in translation due to the barriers that occur naturally when multiple organizations collaborate. S&F achieves Extreme Alignment by fostering team unity through Scrum, Frequent Feedback, Testing, Developmental Work, and value-based pricing.


Elastic Delivery

S&F's Elastic Delivery prioritizes the right people performing tasks at the right time, resulting in cost reduction, focused project scope, and accountability. We establish a scalable team with changing requirements, delivering the most value for every dollar spent.

What Makes Us Different


Digital Expertise

We are experts in Digital Experience [product innovation and user experience], Digital Organization [Agile frameworks and change management], and Digital Execution [meeting company and market demands].


Human Experience

We understand humans as well as we understand technology. That means we offer more than outsourced services — we offer teams that act like part of your organization.


Unparalleled Efficiency

By focusing on both the people and the technology as equally vital for success, we provide scalable solutions. We pass along institutional knowledge as our teams scale up or down with demand, adapt to real-world demands in real-time, and offer an unparalleled streamlining of services.


Developmental Sprint

Digital learning platform developed from scratch following LEAN principles. Structured journaling based on the Immunity to Change process allows clients to use cutting-edge, developmental technology to work on their personal and professional growth while having the data aggregated, organized, and tracked for "The Developmental Edge" and their clients. This is a successful technology startup with thousands of global users.



Training Simulator [NDA]

Developed a simulator for the airline's core passenger workflow platform to enable the scaling of high-volume online staff training, globally. For example, this allowed flight staff to practice a variety of boarding complications so they could work with real-world scenarios most likely to delay the boarding process.

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