Technology Organization as a Service for Creative Agencies

TOaaS is a self-managed, self-scaling, and human-centric software delivery engine that tightly integrates into your team and brings key results for your multiple objectives.

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TOaaS: managing complexity for UX agencies

Expand your technical capabilities to acquire larger and more valuable clients. By partnering with Speed & Function, you can pursue more substantial contracts and retain them for longer periods. TOaaS reduces the expenses associated with sales prospecting, increases your cash flow, and allows you to concentrate on growing your agency.


We become part of your team

When designers and developers work in tandem, it streamlines the delivery and reduces the time and effort spent.


We address all stakeholders

We proactively manage a network of multicomponent stakeholder groups, where profit margins face the greatest pressures.


We beat outsourcing pains

Forget billing for unnecessary hours, time wasted in meetings, and paying extra hires when they are not engaged.


TOaaS® service methods


Extreme Alignment

In outsourcing, too much is lost in translation due to the barriers that occur naturally when multiple organizations collaborate. S&F takes deliberate steps to make sure our teams are aligned to an extent that it feels like we are a single team working in-house. We implement best practices to build tight alignment: Scrum, Frequent Feedback, Testing, and Developmental Work. 


Elastic Delivery

Our leads help facilitate the right people doing the right work at the right time. This keeps costs down, the project scope focused, and our team members accountable for high-value deliverables. We work with you, not for you, and we’ll build a team that can scale up and down as needed. We care about value per $ spent. It’s on us to push toward your goals, not just you. 

What makes us stand apart is our ability to proactively manage long-term relationships with prominent US design agencies, allowing work to be scaled depending on real-world needs.


Spark DSG

Founded in 2011, Spark DSG is a design agency based in Doylestown, PA. S&F handles roughly 85% of Spark’s total development work. As the design agency continues to grow, its deliberately collaborative partnership with S&F only matures and expands in more mutually beneficial ways. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the two companies worked at an excruciating pace to successfully design and develop a site for a client, who makes ventilators, urgently needed during the crisis.

Reasons to work with us



We build and scale platforms, optimizing the costs and maximizing the user experience.


Added value

Get a reliable development unit to broaden your range of marketable services.



Trust us to manage the relationship in a way that maximizes value per $ spent.


We are a Deliberately Developmental Organization [DDO]

This means we understand that humans grow and change the way technology does — with care and awareness. All our relationships are fluid, always-improving ones. We are eager to take and implement your feedback. For it, we use Developmental Sprints® — a human technology designed and perfected by decades of Harvard research to guide our [r]evolutionary process.

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