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We are seeking a skilled and innovative Marketo Developer to join our team. As a Marketo Developer, you will play a pivotal role in leveraging the power of Marketo to design, implement, and optimize customer journeys that drive engagement and conversions. Your expertise in API integration, lead management, journey creation, and marketing strategy will contribute to the success of our marketing initiatives.

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    Solutions Department

Job Functions

● API Integration and Lead Management: - Prepare and manage lead fields for API integration, ensuring data compatibility and seamless communication between systems.- Understand various APIs, their data structures, and how to configure them within Marketo to achieve specific marketing goals.
● Journey Creation and Execution:- Design and implement customer journeys in Marketo using triggers, filters, and flow steps to create dynamic and multi-stage experiences.- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure journeys align with overall marketing strategies and business objectives.
● Testing and Optimization: - Develop and execute A/B tests to analyze the performance of different journey components.- Utilize Marketo's testing tools to measure the effectiveness of journeys and make data-driven optimizations.
● Problem-Solving:- Identify and troubleshoot issues that may arise during journey setup and execution, providing timely and effective solutions.
● Marketing Strategy:- Leverage your understanding of customer lifecycle and journey-based marketing to contribute to the creation of effective marketing strategies.- Map out customer journeys and collaborate with content creators to tailor content for various stages of the customer journey.
● Personalization:- Implement personalization strategies within journeys, including personalized email content and dynamic content for landing pages.
● Cross-Channel Marketing: - Collaborate with teams managing different marketing channels to ensure seamless integration of customer journeys across multiple platforms.
● Documentation and Communication:- Write clear and concise test cases to ensure effective journey testing.- Document results, insights, and optimization recommendations for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.


● Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Computer Science, or related field.● Proven experience as a Marketo Developer or similar role.● Strong understanding of API integration and lead management within Marketo.● Proficiency in designing and executing complex customer journeys using triggers, filters, and flow steps.● Experience in A/B testing and optimizing marketing campaigns for improved results.● Knowledge of Marketo's testing tools and features.● Excellent problem-solving skills to troubleshoot technical issues and provide solutions.● Deep knowledge of marketing strategies and the ability to align customer journeys with business goals.● Expertise in personalization techniques and dynamic content creation.● Familiarity with cross-channel marketing strategies and integration.● Strong written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to document processes and present findings to diverse audiences.


This is a part-time remote position, with the possibility to transition to full-time depending on mutual agreement and business needs. You can work from your preferred location with occasional on-site collaboration at various offices, including Budva, Philadelphia, etc. Working hours are flexible but should overlap with our core locations in ET, CET, EET time zones.

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