Leadgen Manager (SDR)

We are looking for a dedicated Leadgen Manager who can consistently meet and exceed our goals using email and LinkedIn as preferred channels.


Finding new prospects through various channels.Preparing email sequences and writing persuasive messages.Conducting cold calls to potential leads.Qualifying leads through messaging or scheduling meetings.Creating detailed reports on lead generation activities.


At least 1 year of experience in a similar lead generation role.Proficiency in using sales automation tools such as Snov.io, Hunter.io, Reply.io, etc.Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), web development principles, frameworks, and popular Content Management Systems (CMS).Upper-intermediate + writing skills is a must.Experience working with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

Goals per Month

Oversee lead generation efforts, streamline email sequences, maximize email campaign engagement, foster meaningful connections with prospects, and facilitate meetings with potential clients on a monthly basis.

About Speed & Function

At Speed & Function, we build exceptional custom software applications using today’s most advanced technology. But so do a lot of software engineering firms, so what makes working for us different? Firstly, we operate out of two continents. Most of our engineers are based in Eastern Europe, and our US Head Office is in Philadelphia. 
Second, everyone who works here is passionate about digital transformation, innovation and collaborative software development. However, don’t confuse us with contractors, because we’re not. We are true collaborators. We work so closely with clients that their products are virtually built in-house. This gives our people the opportunity to work with clients in a unique way. Think Collaboration 2.0.
Third, we are striving to build a developmental culture where learning, feedback and transparency are given equal weight to productivity, efficiency and results. At Speed & Function, you’re given the chance to grow, not just technically but as a person. We aim to become better people who produce brilliant work and offer our clients a fulfilling and enjoyable experience along the way.