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What we do

Speed & Function builds beautiful web software for hire. Most of our work are new products that we architect and build in-house for product companies.  The majority of them are start-ups and some are digital agencies designing and building marketing websites and applications, often in the pharma space.  A smaller chunk of our work is support of existing products that were built prior, by other teams.

Our stack of choice for web applications includes Node.js (Sails.js), Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, React, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.  For marketing sites, we use WordPress and Drupal.

We are an Agile shop, which means we are highly collaborative and try to bring everyone together in the same (virtual) room. By Agile, we mean that we care mostly about prioritization, communication, transparency and heavy collaboration with all stakeholders – and to a smaller extend about breaking our work down into formal iterations (sprints).

Our values

What we value and expect from our staff and clients:

  • Trust your colleagues and your clients
  • Openness to receiving feedback
  • Flexibility and curiosity to work with new technologies
  • Befriend your coworkers and clients, build a positive working relationship with everyone
  • We learn always and we teach always. Our clients learn and adopt to realities of software engineering as much as our engineers learn and adopt to the realities of business.
  • We strive to be a deliberately developmental organization (DDO): focus on developing all of our people and getting down to truth in all conflicting situations.

Who we want to work with?

We are looking for mature professionals, who are able to self-organize: manage their time, relationships, and professional development. The ideal candidate is not afraid to speak up when running into problems, able to admit mistakes and learn from feedback.

Open Jobs

Business Development Manager to operate company’s strategy, direction and business goals and mobilize necessary resources. Develop strategic partnerships, marketing plans and materials, and make sales. Position requires an MBA or equivalent with specialization in marketing or a related field and two years of experience in business development or a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in marketing or a related field and five years of experience in business development. Experience must include developing strategic partnership, developing marketing plans and materials and making sales.

Computer Systems Analyst to be responsible for analyzing client processing or computation needs, determining technical requirements, and providing solutions. Develop, document and revise system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards using HTML5, CSS3, API, and CMS (Drupal, WordPress). Train clients in computer systems best practices including agile management, test-driven development, and the minimal viable product (MVP) approach. Facilitate communication between U.S.-based clients and Speed and Function research and development offices located in Europe. Position requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in computer information systems, computer science or a related field and one year of web development experience. Experience must include HTML5, CSS3, API, and CMS (Drupal, WordPress).


There’s a ton of dev shops out there – what makes you better?  Why should I work with Speed & Function? What are the benefits?

  • Paid Vacation: each hour you put in earns you paid time off.
  • Paid overtime.
  • Potential business partnership on a per-project basis.
  • Individual benefits, such as maternity leave.
  • Private Loans: save yourself from dealing with bureaucratic financial institutions.
  • Last but not least, the quality of relationship between management and engineers – and among the engineers – is our biggest benefit: it’s positive, trusting and strategic.  This one is invisible when you are interviewing, but it’s the most significant positive feedback we get from people who we’ve hired over time.


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