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We’re always looking for talents who want to grow personally and professionally in our company.


We are a Deliberately Developmental Organization

This means that we understand that humans grow and change the same way technology does — with care and awareness. All our relationships are fluid, always-improving ones. We use The Developmental Sprints® — a human technology designed and perfected by decades of Harvard research to guide our [ r ]evolutionary process.


Our ideal team member has these traits:

01. Courage 

Courage is based on experience. You have strategic experience and analytical expertise that combine to enable your decision-making and create real value

02. Humility 

We’re looking for people who will not only ‘fit in’ but who will expand and stretch our culture.

03. Curiosity

You welcome challenge and change and invite and encourage yourself to always be curious about how you can be better — and how we can support you in this.

04. Self-Drive

We are a mostly remote office where you will be expected to create, manage, and meet the objectives you help to create for yourself.

05. Team Player

As an international company, it’s vital that you work well in teams, and that you have frequent video calls to ensure your team is working towards the same goals.

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