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Work is a central part of our lives. At Speed & Function, we believe work should be about more than just making a living and waiting for the weekend. 
As an aspiring Deliberately Developmental Organization (a DDO), we want to develop our people, create meaningful products, and ultimately do our bit to change the world. If you’re already curious to find out more, you might be just the kind of person we’re looking to hire.

What we do

In a sense, what we do is simple. At S&F, we build state-of-the-art software and web products in such a collaborative way, our clients feel as if it’s practically built in-house. Think SaaS platforms, web applications, mobile apps, building prototypes, digital transformation, performance optimization. 

But our purpose is bigger than this. 

We are on a mission to transform outsourced software development. 
In our industry, as many as 64% of outsourced software projects don’t go as planned. In fact, the bigger or more complex the project, the more likely it is to be unsuccessful. 
We know from experience that there is a better way.

How we do it

Most custom software development firms specialize in one area of tech, or one industry. We are proud generalists, with an extensive network of experts who work collaboratively on projects for organizations in multiple industries. 

Over the years, we’ve delivered over 300 products to market, working with a variety of companies from new ventures and digital agencies to globally recognized names. 

Our approach to outsourced software development is what sets us apart. We use our bespoke Elastic Delivery model.

Like many tech companies, we use Agile methodology and a modified Scrum framework. Unlike other companies, we have a highly developmental culture, which means everyone who works here is constantly encouraged to reflect, learn and grow on a continuous basis.

Many of the team participate in regular Developmental Sprints with The Developmental Edge. If you join our team, you’ll be encouraged to join us – Speed & Function will sponsor your spot.

Our team works across the US and Europe. We work flexible hours across different time zones, and many of our team are digital nomads who love the freedom and flexibility that comes with a career at S&F. 

Who we want to work with?

Working here isn’t like working with other software shops. We do things differently at Speed & Function, and we look for more than just technical expertise.

As an aspiring Deliberately Developmental Organization (a DDO), we put a huge amount of emphasis on personal and professional growth and working with more transparency, reflection and ownership than many people are used to in the world of work. 

We’re looking for people who will not only ‘fit in’ but who will expand and stretch our culture.

We’re also growing, so even if you don’t see the exact role here that you’re looking for, but you see yourself in the below, reach out! 

You’re someone we want to talk to…

  • If you want to be involved in something great. You’re not here solely to make money. Like us, you want to make an impact. We make software that makes a difference, and we hope you’ll be as inspired as we are about the change it creates.
  • If you are an idealist. You don’t settle for average in your career or in life. You’re a visionary and a dreamer. You believe, despite everything, that the world can be a better place.
  • If you always want to evolve. Ideally, you already prioritize your own growth and development – through coaching, therapy or ongoing studying. You’re inherently curious about human potential. You want to find out what you’re capable of, you’re bold and brave in how you live your life, and you want your workplace to be a place where you can continually grow.
  • If you are comfortable with discomfort. We give and receive a lot of feedback here, and you’ll be expected to either do this well, or be open and willing to learn how. Working here, you won’t be comfortable; you’ll need to like the idea of this because you’ll usually be right at the edge of your comfort zone.
  • If you know that there is so much more to learn. We don’t want to work with people whose minds are closed, no matter how much of an expert you are. If however, you deeply value learning – especially from others – then we really, really do.
  • If you’re trustworthy, curious, and self-aware. In the Developmental community, there’s a concept known as the self-authoring mind, which describes the ability to thrive in the midst of uncertainty, work and think independently, and collaborate brilliantly without becoming a yes-person. It means being relationship oriented, relentlessly curious about the world around you and having the capacity for ownership of your work and your relationships, but solid enough to hold onto your own ideas when they’re good and admit your mistakes when you make them (and we all do). We are not seeking perfection, but a particular perspective.
  • If you have the skills (or at the very least, the desire) to thrive in the face of uncertainty. Can you hold onto creativity, flexibility and the ability to adapt in the middle of the unknown? Self-awareness and the ability to manage your mindset are key.

In other words, this isn’t somewhere you can just put on your headphones and write code. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’re not the company for you.

There are some practical considerations to reflect on, too.

We operate across multiple continents and time zones, and most of our team work remotely, so you’ll also need to be able to thrive working in this way. We won’t lie: there are a lot of virtual meetings here.

We’ve found that collaborating closely with each other and our clients takes a specific set of interpersonal and organizational skills, including:

  • Being reliable, organized and happy to work with our structures and processes – so much more important when you work in a remote team.
  • Being flexible, ready to take on new projects, switch projects, and adapt your approach as needed. No two client projects are the same. This is not cookie cutter software dev.
  • Able to work with a lot of different kinds of people, without becoming a chameleon. We want you to be authentic, but you’ll also need to be comfortable communicating to people across different sectors and from a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • Being highly communicative. What sets us apart is how deeply we create alignment and build rapport and trust with our clients and each other. You can’t do that without a lot of clear, respectful, curious communication.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills – yes, the same thing everyone says. Here, we really mean it.
  • The ability to speak and write C+ Level English (or being fluent/a native speaker)
  • The flexibility to work across time zones. If you’re in Europe, you’ll get the luxury of a later start, but you’ll be expected to work in a way that suits folks in the US. Family and health come first, always, but you’ll need to fundamentally be able to make the practical aspects work.

It might sound like we’re asking for a lot, and in some ways we are. We know we’re not for everyone, but we hope that if you see yourself in 80% of what we’ve written here, you’ll reach out and connect. 

So what’s in it for you?

Our values

What we value and expect from our staff and clients:

  • Trust your colleagues and your clients
  • Openness to receiving feedback
  • Flexibility and curiosity to work with new technologies
  • Befriend your coworkers and clients, build a positive working relationship with everyone
  • We learn always and we teach always. Our clients learn and adopt to realities of software engineering as much as our engineers learn and adopt to the realities of business.
  • We strive to be a deliberately developmental organization (DDO): focus on developing all of our people and getting down to truth in all conflicting situations.

Open Jobs

Business Development Manager to operate company’s strategy, direction and business goals and mobilize necessary resources. Develop strategic partnerships, marketing plans and materials, and make sales. Position requires an MBA or equivalent with specialization in marketing or a related field and two years of experience in business development or a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in marketing or a related field and five years of experience in business development. Experience must include developing strategic partnership, developing marketing plans and materials and making sales.

Computer Systems Analyst to be responsible for analyzing client processing or computation needs, determining technical requirements, and providing solutions. Develop, document and revise system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards using HTML5, CSS3, API, and CMS (Drupal, WordPress). Train clients in computer systems best practices including agile management, test-driven development, and the minimal viable product (MVP) approach. Facilitate communication between U.S.-based clients and Speed and Function research and development offices located in Europe. Position requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in computer information systems, computer science or a related field and one year of web development experience. Experience must include HTML5, CSS3, API, and CMS (Drupal, WordPress).


Relationships: The quality of relationship between management and engineers – and among the engineers – is one of the biggest benefits we can offer: it’s positive, trusting and strategic. This one is invisible when you are interviewing, but it’s the most significant positive feedback we get from people who we’ve hired over time.

Paid vacation, overtime and other benefits.

Sponsored personal and professional development: Speed & Function will sponsor your place on Developmental Sprints and other learning opportunities to support your ongoing growth. Plus, we have a range of in-house initiatives to get involved in.

Freedom to work wherever you like: We work across time zones, but there’s a fair amount of flexibility to set your own schedule. Many of our people travel and take their laptops with them.

We are hiring

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