Speed and Function became the general sponsor of the Montenegro IT meet-up

As Speed and Function is interested in continuous development – both its staff and the ecosystem – the company contributed to the event. S&F sees it as a source for IT professionals to share their knowledge and get valuable, hands-on experience. A speaker from the company, Olga Michai, Head of Customer Success Department, shared scrum experience for department operations. It resonated with the audience, and she got a lot of questions and feedback. “It was my second appearance as a speaker at the MNE IT meet-up,” says Olga. “I’m so glad the audience could relate to my presentation. We at Speed and Function are eager to create additional value, no Read more

Speed and Function Makes its Debut on Clutch

Here at Speed and Function, we deliver state of the art solutions to help businesses and organizations reach their goals. Our mission is to allow you to harness the power and benefits of technology through our agile development methodologies. We focus on making seamless technologies that exceed your expectations. Since our inception back in 2006, we’ve made ourselves known as one of Philadelphia’s tech assets, creating bespoke solutions geared towards UI to make a lasting impact. What sets us apart is the incredible eye for detail we have. Our clients love working with us because we make sure that their projects are successful and they’re satisfied. In light of our Read more

S&F at Montenegro IT meet up

S&F at Montenegro IT meet up speaking about developmental approach. This approach is a unique value we have in our company. We are proud to work in a company that cares about its people’s personal growth in alignment with business development. We experience the impact of the developmental approach in our everyday working life. And we were happy to share our approach with the IT community, because we strongly believe in its effectiveness. Read more

What it’s like to work with an aspiring Deliberately Developmental Organization®

If you were a fly on the wall in almost any software engineering firm in the world, you’d regularly see certain key scenes unfold: developers writing code, work being done in Sprints, perhaps a hackathon taking place. What is perhaps less common are some of the key practices and ways of working around feedback, transparency and the testing of assumptions that take place here at Speed & Function. There’s a good reason for this: we are an aspiring Deliberately Developmental Organization® (DDO for short). In this article we’ll introduce you to what DDOs are, what makes them different from everyday organizations, and the impact this has on the client experience. Read more

Independence Day Celebration at S&F

To celebrate Independence Day, we had our annual corporate events in different parts of the world where S&F employees are living and working internationally. It was exciting to see each other, welcome new hires and make new friends, enjoy a barbecue together, swim in the pool and sail. As part of the events, some of the team took an extreme ATV ride in the pouring rain. Covered in mud, they were incredibly happy and excited. It was a great time for all of our S&F family to get together, celebrate and create unforgettable memories! Read more

Diversity and Inclusion

Speed & Function is a software development company with headquarters in Philadelphia, USA and locations in five different countries. Founded in 2006 by Nick Gluzdov and Irina Abramson, the company currently employs a multinational, multi-location team of professionals of diverse backgrounds, skill sets, ages, genders, and viewpoints. Clarifying what we mean by D&I at S&F Diversity and inclusion have been given a lot of attention over the last few years, but there is still a lot of work for businesses worldwide to do in order to create truly equitable workforces and to ensure they aren’t just empty buzzwords businesses use to make themselves look good. The terms are often conflated, Read more

Deliberately Developmental: How I helped my company upgrade while also becoming a better person

The tech world evolves at a neck-breaking speed, which requires software companies to innovate and implement change at a rate unparalleled in any other industry. Sounds like a superhuman task? There is, in fact, a very human-oriented approach to tackling it. I discovered it through a journey of trial and error, which led me to overhaul my entire vision for Speed and Function and grow, both as a person and as CEO. Read more on Medium.com Read more

S&F European team socializing

Speed and Function European team members got together to enjoy each other’s company in a cozy beautiful place called Montenegro. This time the guests from different countries have gathered together in hospitable Montenegro. Fresh sea air, gentle rays of sunshine and stunningly gorgeous landscape filled them with energy and helped to restore their strength. Breathtaking views and positive emotions inspired the team for further productive work. Read more

Summer team-building event in Kherson

There are some days that can be kept in one’s memory forever. That summer day in a small southern town was a vivid example of one of these special days. A perfectly chosen location provided a range of activities for every taste. Celebrating summer, and the opportunity to get together intensified by an adrenaline rush  – the atmosphere created unity of the team and enhanced the productivity and teamwork for the future. Read more

Happy New Year 2020!

Our Europe-based team welcomed the New Year in style.  Georgian style, to be precise. Following the good old traditions of the Caucasus, the party featured a curated succession of elaborate toasts – to a good year, to our team members’ and clients’ health and prosperity, to love, to world peace, and so on. The speeches got more poetic and personal as the night progressed, and Georgian wine flowed. The other part of the team joined in on the toasting via Internet placing front and center the colleagues from abroad they were hosting at the time. For some in the team, this was the first (and truly exciting) opportunity to put Read more