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How Speed & Function helped a decision analytics software company to take their website to the next level through a segmented, customer-centric content strategy and enhanced technologies.


TreeAge is a software company that provides a range of industries with business analytics solutions such as complex decision trees or event-based simulations. The company used to have a website on WordPress without an optimized mobile version.

Producing software that enables analytical decision-making is not an easy task. The complexity level of the software increases with the involvement of various industry experts, as the company works on solutions for a wide range of businesses from healthcare to law.

S&F was tasked with overhauling the website’s strategy and information architecture, delivering a plan for SEO, choosing an appropriate page-builder, and migrating to a convenient hosting solution. The website would need to process purchases, integrate with custom-built subscription software, and provide online tutorials and a free trial.


TreeAge hired Speed & Function to optimize the website for both WordPress and Drupal. TreeAge understands the pressure for hospitals, lawyers, and corporations to realize risks in dynamic environments. As such, there is a high demand for their tool from the medical community and academia, both of which need to be able to quickly build models to optimize the business of saving people’s lives.

A tremendous time pressure and constrained budget would make other vendors turn down the proposal. Speed & Function, on the other hand, value clients who “get software” and understand its complexity. In fact, S&F team is used to interacting with high uncertainty and creating solutions for the top 1% tier of complex activities.


S&F started by changing the entire platform on which the website was originally built. Leveraging a flexible approach, they simplified the UX by reducing the number of clicks required to purchase the product. The majority of the budget was dedicated to content strategy, information architecture, user workflows, and SEO-optimization. 


  • Avada Theme (WordPress) was implemented since it matched the existing design, which we didn’t have the budget for updating. 
  • Website hosting was switched to Pantheon, which provides us with hosting optimized for WordPress performance as well as CI/CD out of the box, so we don’t have to spend DevOps cycles.
  • Well-supported and popular WooCommerce plugin replaced the old unsupported e-commerce plugin. WooCommerce integrated with custom-built subscription-management software. 
  • Introduced Stripe in addition to the original Paypal, providing greater flexibility, a backup payment gateway and new options. 

The e-commerce options were a significant improvement because of their simplicity and security. Customers can choose among three products; after purchasing they download the program and get a serial number. S&F continues to support the project by devoting about 10 hours per month. Every month or two, they update plugins and respond to technical support tickets.

Secret Sauce

S&F invests significant effort into creating alignment with each client to understand their requirements beyond the initial technical brief. 

We prioritized this small project due to the potential impact. This could be translated into millions of dollars of economic damage being avoided and thousands of people impacted due to the tool’s role in medical decision making.

Tech stack: WooCommerce, Fusion Builder, Pantheon.

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