Top University-affiliated Network of Hospitals


An East Coast digital agency required outsourcing help to support a large marketing website and implement ADA compliance (accessibility). This is a key account, which conducts health, education, and research activities.


Four challenges: 

  • Limited budget, so we had to value-engineer our scope given a new unfamiliar client tool, SiteImprove. We had to quickly master the SiteImprove scanner since our past experience was with other tools. SiteImprove initially gave us lower scores and we had to figure out why. We also couldn’t trigger scans more frequently than once a week, so we couldn’t test our work on demand. 
  • Find acceptable compromises with the brand book, where color contrast wasn’t always ADA-compliant. 
  • Request to deliver the score of 70 or above on an aggressive deadline of 1 month to prevent legal action.
  • Keeping a key account happy with collaboration and results. 


  • Despite a limited budget, we decided to invest dozens of hours into learning the nuances SiteImprove, including contacting their support, so we are equipped with a good plan. 
  • We allocated 3 engineers and 1 producer on our side to make sure we can move quickly. 
  • Created instructions for content managers to add such items as alt tags to images.


We improved the SiteImprove score from 52 of 67.4 on time and on budget and are currently working to take this number beyond 70.


Tags: Twig, SASS, Gulp, Javascript, Drupal 8, Acquia Cloud hosting, Nonprofit, Healthcare