Testimonial From an E-commerce Company

Encore Editions is women-owned, artist-run, online fine art company providing custom prints, framed and unframed, of classic and historic artwork on canvas, paper, poster and even note cards.

We have struggled for several years to find the right team for building and maintaining our website. With the other companies we’ve tried we either ran into skyrocketing prices, inefficient functionalities that inevitably damaged our Google ranking, terrible, even sometimes outright rude customer service, sub-par development that we then had to pay for again to fix or improve, and sometimes it was a combination of many of these at once. Any development company can promise up and down that they understand and can fulfill your needs when they’re sales team has you on the phone, but what happens when you’ve signed on the dotted line and you begin to suspect that they didn’t actually understand and weren’t listening from the get-go? At that point it’s too late, especially when you’re a small business with limited resources on a deadline.

The team at Speed and Function is the complete polar opposite of the above situation. Not only did they ask tons of questions to make sure they understood what we were after with our website, but they brought more ideas to the table than we ever could have anticipated and they were patient with us and our limited knowledge of how website development really “works.” They know exactly what they’re doing, and they take the time and make the effort to truly learn about each specific industry that they’re building a website for. How can a website development company build an efficient product if they don’t understand your business? Bottom line is they can’t. The S&F team learned about our product, which is custom, fine art prints on canvas, paper, poster, etc, and they expertly applied and built our vision on our theme on the BigCommerce platform. We have been nothing but stunned with the quality, timeliness and effectiveness of their work and we are already seeing the fruits of that labor in the form of larger sales.

We highly recommend Speed & Function for any and all development needs. Our BigCommerce store is already light-years ahead of where would be if we had remained with the “other guys” and we couldn’t be happier. We are clients for life.

Sara Elliott

Co-Owner, e-commerce, art at Encore Editions