Syneos Health


Syneos Health is a $4.6b multinational organization that helps companies with clinical trials and biopharmaceutical therapies. For the client that had developed four websites dedicated to Wilson’s disease and didn’t have quality assurance and quality control specialists, Syneos Health was looking for a professional QA team to test several websites under a tight deadline.

Cooperating with Speed and Function, Syneos Health set a deadline to cover the layout testing of 100+ pages across 4 browsers and 4 devices in a couple of weeks. The client did not have easy access to a QA team and all the testing work initially was done by managers. The S&F team had to find all bugs before websites’ production, ensuring their error-free release and seamless user experience in tight deadlines without documentations in suitable format at the start of the projects. Addressing immediate testing needs, QA engineers were also meant to build long-term support for these websites.


It wasn’t a complicated project by its nature—the biggest challenge laid in keeping up with the deadline and not having direct access to design source files. The process was pretty much standard: each round included layout testing, functional testing, issue reporting, and confirmation testing.

QA specialists performed copy verification, layout and formatting check, and functionality review. Testing the websites across the latest versions of 4 browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) and on 2 tablets and 2 mobile devices operating on iOS and Android, the team has identified faulty links and images, issues with formatting and mobile layout, checked the forms that require user input (search, subscription, data request, etc.), and defined the long-term testing needs.


Four websites were released to production on time, with no errors harming the UX. Syneos Health was happy with the turnaround time, team’s adaptability, efficient cost structure, and overall effectiveness of Speed and Function. The results were evident: when managing QA and QC on their own, the company’s managers were often stuck in multiple rounds of revisions—up to 18, while in cooperation with Speed and Function, they were able to cut the process down to 3-4 reviews.

Secret Sauce

At Speed and Function, QA engineers work in direct contact with developers, exchanging expertise while working on a variety of projects. Years of such collaboration have shaped the QA team’s ability to report bugs in a way that engineers clearly understand them and can fix them efficiently. Pleased with the team’s flexibility and fast delivery, the medical company keeps coming to Speed and Function with new projects.

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Tech stack: QA, layout testing, functional testing, Dev tools, Browser stack, Figma, Photoshop.