SEI Corporate Website US


Client needed to update their corporate website using new branding specifications that were developed by the client’s Design department. Our team had to create a number of pages with unique elements, and also create a set of components in Storybook that could be imported into a page creation admin tool that could be used by the client’s Content department. 

Our team delivered the unique pages and all admin components on time with all needed functionality.


Create unique pages and admin components in record time. Coordinate a complex QA, Design and Content creation process that required multiple client stakeholders. 


We implemented a system of daily team and client standups, using only US-based resources to maximize possible development time, and get timely feedback from clients. We realized that there might be a delay with code working properly when integrated into the enterprise software, so the team created a set of all component variations that would be present in the final build so that we could test integration early. Those early test cases showed a number of issues that were worked on before the final deployment, which prevented any delays in the release.


The corporate website, and the accompanying admi, were finished and tested by the release date, and within budget to the client. 

The client greatly appreciated our risk mitigation strategies in performing multiple early tests before delivery dates, and actively trying to mitigate any dangers of delays.

Tech Stack

  • Programming languages: Twig, SCSS, Javascript (ES6), Javascript (React), yml
  • Technologies: Storybook, Drupal, Webpack
  • Tools: Git, Pull requests (Github, Bitbucket), Jira+Trello, Figma