Sales Manager/ BizDev Specialist

Location: Remote

Status: Full Time

Reports to: Head of Sales

Job Overview

A bizdev professional with a combination of skills in custom software technology business development. The goal is to maintain a pipeline of $6,000,000 annually with US-based clients matching our ICP, working with enterprise level clients primarily.

Job Functions

  • Primary
    • Build leadgen strategy to bring pipeline of $6M according to company ICP. Ensure DDO positioning in outreaches to attract the right client.   
    • Adeptly navigate social media and leverage it to secure face-to-face meetings and introductions, identify other leadgen channels
    • Seek out and prospect new business opportunities by establishing relationships with decision-makers via phone, email, LinkedIn, with both new and existing contacts
    • Build and monitor prospect/lead pipeline to ensure continuous population of immediate and long-term opportunities. Make first touch with prospects, make leads warm
    • Build ‘mining old gold’ system for our warm contacts
    • Assist in the execution of new initiatives and opportunities for expanding customer base
    • Follow established sales cadence using appropriate channels for outreach, including emails, calls, and social media to ensure highest level of success 
    • Ensure proper management of sales activities, and adopt professional sales techniques in the aim of targeting accurately and offering the appropriate services
    • Achieve a monthly, quarterly and yearly quota profitably 
  • Secondary
    • Build trust with a prospect and convert new opportunities
    • Ensure data in our tools is up to date and is in use by the team, which includes Hubspot CRM, Databox, Google Sheets and a few other tools. 
    • Generate funnel reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) to ensure visibility and to provide a clear direction for the growth to leadership. Make data driven decisions for leadgen strategy.
    • Build a strong regularly revised process around leadgen in synchronization with marketing and Account Management teams.


  • Needs
    • 3+ years of demonstrated success in a business development, lead generation, or consultative sales role 
    • Fluent English
    • Deep understanding of the US IT market
    • Proven experience of leadgen for enterprise-level clients through various channels
    • Ability to Identify prospective clients that match a company’s ideal client profile using both online and offline resources
    • A self starter with an entrepreneurial mindset. Self-motivating, self-improving, and self-disciplined
    • Articulate, excellent presentation and communication skills as well as strong influencing and negotiation skills to drive results
    • Demonstrate high levels of integrity, initiative, honesty and leadership
    • Experience with CRM system such as Hubspot, Leadgen automation tools
    • Feedback skills: an open communicator who will provide lots of feedback, push back when necessary and request feedback following their strong desire to learn.
    • Curiosity, wanting to know how everything works even outside your direct responsibilities and quickly integrate with other functions inside our org. 
  • Wants
    • Strong sense of personal responsibility. 
    • Help adopt and practice Agile in your areas of responsibility. 


  • Location: 
    • Full-time remote. 
    • We have telecommuting flexibility with significant Eastern time zone overlap. 
    • You might need to come for occasional visits to our Budva or Philly offices. We may also be able to provide you with relocation assistance. 
  • Hours are flexible, but may require availability outside standard business hours. 
  • Compensation and incentives depend on experience and will be determined during the hiring process. 

About Speed & Function

  • Since 2006 in business
  • 300+ products taken to market
  • 100+ employees
  • 300K+ hours worked
  • 4 locations in the US and Europe
  • 40% women staff
  • Software development so collaborative, it’s virtually built in-house.
  • We’re not contractors, we’re collaborators. A steadfast extension of your team, grounded in developmental processes and rock solid engineering, ready to tackle the most complex of technical challenges
  • We help take product ideas to market through best practices in UX and engineering, led by product strategy and management. 
  • Delivering a full range of refinement, from prototype to MVP to enterprise-grade applications, having released over 300 products in over 15 years. 
  • We bring software and collaboration best practices enjoyed by large organizations to the open market at below-enterprise rates. Speed & Function has built and operated several SaaS platforms. 
  • Our advanced expertise is in UI engineering/front-end: we build high-performance, secure and accessible interfaces that are easy to use across all mainstream devices.
  • “Speed” in our name stands for performance. 
  • Risk management is an integral component of each product we work on, which helps us deliver significantly above average success rates to our clients. 
  • Our flexible, transparent, and proactive approach to communication, sets us apart from others in our field. Over the past 14 years, we’ve continued to refine and master this practice, earning us our reputation as one of the strongest software engineering shops in the Philadelphia area. 
  • Our mission is to finalize a unique collaboration framework that’s relevant to 21st-century challenges and allows delivering both state-of-the-art technology solutions and amazing collaboration experience.
  • We run the gamut in geography, lifestyle, and interest, but we’re united by a common set of values and goals: do exceptional work, build the best products in our clients’ businesses, experiment, pay attention to the details, treat people right, tell the truth, have a positive impact on the world around us and keep learning.
  • We look for individuals who dream big, work hard and above all stay humble. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and through our work together we hope to create a supportive, welcoming, and innovative environment. We strive to play as a team to win the world and create a better version of ourselves every day. If this sounds like something that excites you, we want to hear from you! 
  • We are striving to become a Teal or DDO (deliberately developmental) organization.


What’s in it for me? 

  • Enjoy competitive compensation models. 
  • Quickly improve your English through daily immersion. 
  • Learn a variety of new perspectives through being part of a global multicultural team of different experience levels. 
  • Enjoy autonomy: work remotely full-time, plan your own schedule, fine-tune your work/life balance. 
  • Travel the world: work and travel from anywhere as long as you can sync up with your team in their time zones. You can also visit or permanently relocate to our centers in Philadelphia, USA and Budva, Montenegro. 
  • Upgrade your devices through our sponsorship program. 
  • Facilitate personal growth through being part of an aspiring Teal / DDO (deliberately developmental) organization. Grow in the environment of feedback and support. 
  • Organizational psychology support. 
  • Be in charge of your destiny through direct collaboration with people on the client side. 
  • Pick your own development path within our organization based on your interests. 
  • Potential to relocate to the USA through our work visa program.

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