Practice: WordPress Development

We love to built highly intuitive and flexible editorial interfaces using our WordPress development skill-set.

A few sample portfolio items

Fertility treatment marketing site

A multilingual marketing website about basics of fertility and treatments for improving egg quality.

Large corporate site

Full redesign and content migration for a large corporate site (over 300 pages) from SharePoint to WordPress, completed in 3 months.

  • Tech stack
    • Front-end: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
    • Responsive layout for 3 breakpoints, 4 screens (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile)
    • Multiple dynamic hierarchical menus with mobile and tablet hidden items
    • ShareThis, SalesForms, Pardot API
    • 15 main and 4 supplementary front-end templates
    • WP Hierarchical Content Structure
    • TablePress integration
    • SEO keywords optimization, Google Analytics
    • WP_Options, WP Post Types/Taxonomies, Manual and Auto Template Selection in WP Dashboard
    • Dynamic content management via Advanced Custom Fields
    • Landing pages, Categories Pages, WYSIWYG columns and WYSIWYG styling
    • Content Migration from SharePoint
    • Advanced Search with filtering by document type and modified date
    • Smooth scroll for page anchor links, expandable drawers for various pages.
    • W3 Total Cache, CloudFront CDN, scalable architecture behind the proxy server
  • Released: April 2015

Pharma marketing site

A marketing site for a pharma company with $1b market capitalization built in 3 weeks

  • Tech stack
    • CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
    • SEO keywords optimization, Alexa and Google Analytics
    • Custom WP Menu, WP_Options, WP Post Types/Taxonomies
    • Dynamic content management via Advanced Custom Fields
    • Adaptive layouts for three breakpoints (desktop, tablet and mobile)
    • Adaptive assets for desktop and mobile breakpoints
    • Contact Form 7 with validation
    • Landing pages, WYSIWYG columns
    • Yahoo Finance API
    • Custom pagination based on the meta fields, filters for pagination
    • HTML5 local video with fallback to Flash for Internet Explorer 9
    • W3 Total Cache
  • Released: 2015-01

SafetyTag Marketing Site

Dynamic mobile platform to non medically trained volunteer coaches who face numerous daily challenges

  • Tech stack
    • CSS, JavaScript, Custom WP Theme, jQuery
    • Password protected site, SEO keywords optimization, Alexa and Google Analytics
    • Custom WP Menu, WP_Options
    • Dynamic content management via Advanced Custom Fields
    • W3 Total Cache and WP JSON API, JSON data synchronization with a Node.js app
    • Architected and developed a high-performance fully-editable web site
  • Release: 2014-05


Media distribution company focused on innovation shaping our world and the people that make it happen.

PHL Live

Initiative highlighting Philly’s top musical talent across multiple genres, provide emerging artists an opportunity to perform at popular local venues and win cash prizes, studio time and more.

  • Tech stack
    • CSS, JavaScript, Custom WP Theme, jQuery
    • Custom user registration, custom login, custom user roles and extended user profile, Theme My Login, WP Redirects
    • WP FAQ categories
    • Custom Carousel with fetched tweets and horizontal scroll
    • Bi-directional relationships between different WP objects: WP Post Types, WP_Options, WP Users
    • Users Moderation-ship, MailChimp, limited dashboard access for particular user roles
    • Multi-level schedule structure that consists of Locations, Events, Schedules
    • User-friendly calendar dashboard for creating and editing of schedules
    • Google Maps and Reverse Geocoding for Locations type
    • Custom Popup Contact form
    • W3 Total Cache, PHP XCache
  • Released: 2014-10