Practice: Ruby on Rails

We started our Ruby on Rails practice in the summer of 2013 when Ivan Osadchy joined our team to support Floors USA.  Ivan is a senior engineer, who trained and extended our Rails team to 3 full-time people.

Ruby on Rails is currently our #1 tool of choice for building general purpose web application and MVPs. We feel it’s ideal for:

  • Prototyping. Rails is all about developing quickly, it has a huge range of libraries for all kind of tasks and an awesome community. So if you’re about to build a complex system, it makes sense to start building it with RoR, which gives you confidence that you can save a lot of development hours down the road.
  • Content-centric sites
  • Membership sites (My Sensory Locations)
  • E-commerce (Floors USA, Encore Editions)
  • Back-end API

Virtually anything can be build using the Rails technology stack. Exceptions would be specialized sites for that have good tools out there with a high community adoption levels.  Example: WordPress for blogs and micro-sites.