Practice: Node.js Development

A few sample portfolio items


Safety Tag

A web application that addresses a problem today in youth sports. Practices and games don’t have medically trained personnel on hand to handle injuries and chronic illnesses, this application aims to change that.


  • Tech stack
    • Node.js (Express Framework, Sails.js), MongoDB, JSON, oAuth2. PayPal.
    • jQuery Mobile
    • LESS, JADE template engine
    • CoffeeScript, GruntJS, UglifyJS
    • Testing automation: Cucumber, Jasmine. Jenkins continuous integration.
  • Released: early May 2014



A single page application, which allows users to donate to various non-profits by gathering spare change from their daily purchases. Users have a unique opportunity to seamlessly donate to any charity organizations of their choice by creating accounts and adding bank account. A wide range of email notifications will let user know how much spare change is donated and when they are forwarded to the charity organization of their choice.


  • Tech stack
    • Node.js (Sails.js framework), MongoDB, Redis, Bluebird, Passport
    • EJS Template Engine
    • AngularJS, AngularUI Router, jQuery, UI Bootstrap, LESS, gulp
    • Third-party services: Stripe, Plaid, Mandrill
    • Automated testing: Protractor.
  • Released: 2015-10



A lightweight CMS, designed with the entry-level computer user in mind, Infowall’s easy to use administration features provide content managers with the ability to create a robust CMS capable of handling even the most intricate types of content.


  • Tech stack
    • Node.js, Custom MVC framework, (mongoose.js, express.js), MongoDB
    • HTML5, CSS3,Bootstrap.
    • Javascript, Underscrore.js, Backbone.js
  • Released: work in progress.
  • Production release TBD