Medical supplement company

Preview: For a biotech startup that develops scientifically-backed supplements to tackle age-related diseases, we rebuilt the company’s website based on the Kibo CMS to improve loading speed and user experience. 

Tech stack: Kibo CMS, JavaScript

NAICS: 325412


Organization X is a medical company that aims to help people tackle aging by developing therapies and products to support healthier aging and longevity. They had a website with both educational content and ecommerce functionality but wanted to improve it in terms of loading speed, layout stability, and user-friendliness.

Their previous CMS of choice, Kibo, is designed for online stores specifically and is less well known than the major platforms on the market. It was the first time our team had to deal with this CMS, so required that the team on the project learned how to navigate and develop compatible software. . The second challenge was related to a large number of stakeholders whose expectations had to be balanced and managed. Thirdly, this was one of the few projects where S&F had to act as an extension team rather than an autonomous developer.


Our team explored Kibo’s documentation extensively to make sure that all website components would function properly. The developers focused on building a site that renders its content fast and is easy for users to navigate.


The outcome for the client was a stable and easy-to-use website, which implemented the designs provided by the major team. The S&F team designed multiple capabilities for user account management, subscription settings, and payment processing. As a result, the client was able to strengthen its brand and decrease the operational load on the business.

Our developers worked on the project for 3.5 months, investing 314 hours and organizing regular demo meetings for the client so that both sides were continuously on the same page and everything could be adjusted on time. Speed & Function received favorable feedback from the client, who stated XYZ, which also diversifies our expertise in ecommerce web development.

Secret Sauce

Our ability to achieve enterprise-grade work while producing well-balanced code is a result of being able to perform well both independently and in close cooperation with the client’s teams. It can be challenging for an external team to manage the expectations of several client stakeholders and synchronize communication between them: on this project, the team’s agility allowed the client to have peace of mind and get the result they envisioned. 

Tags: aging, ecommerce, biotech, CMS, Spark, medical