Learn CX, not just UX

User experience (UX) is an incredibly important aspect of product design. Any product, whether physical or not, must be comfortable and clear for your customer. The shift in focus on User Experience has allowed companies like Apple to create mass dependence on their products as their designers are always prototyping more user-friendly products.

But we often forget that effective designers are looking through more than just the lens of users. In order to create a viable and profitable product, designers must also focus on Company Experience (CX), which requires them to put themselves in the shoes of of business analysts, sales professionals, developers, project managers, and others. In other words, it must be possible for the product to be developed in an inexpensive way without reducing the quality that users expect.

This is no easy feat. Many companies miss the mark, creating beautifully designed products that cannot survive in the market because business needs were not considered. So how do you avoid such a disappointing outcome? Keep the design simple, using minimal resources and bringing a simple, scalable design to market. As sales data comes in and you gain a better understanding of the market, you’ll redesign your product to better suit the needs of the user and your company.  If done right, the product you’ve created should be a perfect solution for everyone, solving problems for users and generating sustainable revenue for companies. But pay attention and always be ready to redesign.

Great designers create great products. Great products satisfy all stakeholders. Great products have great UX and great CX.