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This collaboration between Speed & Function and a US-based ventilator producer was just in time to help with COVID relief globally.

Tech stack: Drupal, AWS.


A medical corporation, which employs 4,000 people in over 100 countries, specializes in producing ventilators to support people’s breathing through every stage of life. Unsurprisingly, in the spring of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a significant uptake in demand for their product and required redesign and rebuild of their global website alongside numerous localized versions as quickly as possible.

The website needed to be educational, user-friendly, and fast (with a loading score of at least 70/100) and delivered on an aggressive schedule. Client had to pick a more capable service provider. Unfortunately, part of the website infrastructure was lost before the transfer, which required the team of developers to work day and night on the project, under unprecedented pressure. A few of the team burnt out in the process – understandably, given the fact that people were dying due to lack of access to ventilators. The production was also delayed because of numerous design iterations.


Speed & Function were brought in to clean up the project. In order to redesign the website according to the company’s needs, the S&F team leveraged its unique triple-track Agile method and began by auditing the project. They also took into account the research provided by Spark DSG, a UX design agency and long-term partner. The agency emphasized the client’s strengths, highlighting their bold commitment to legislative and user policies, including GDPR.


During the project, the Speed & Function team:

  • Developed the new website infrastructure
  • Enhanced UX design for easier navigation, and
  • Created localized versions of the website for multiple countries.

As a result, the medical company got a well-developed web platform for the medical equipment industry. The reimagined website allows its customers to easily access its products, as well as reinforcing the company’s global presence.

When the development pressure has decreased, the S&F team continued working on optimizing the mobile version of the website so that it provides visitors with a fast, easy to navigate, clear user experience. This involves additional ‘clean up’ work such as deleting a number of CSS-files that remained in the legacy website from the previous vendor.

We continue supporting this client today with feature development and maintenance.

Secret Sauce

This was a complicated, exhausting project that required not only incredible flexibility and close attention to detail by the S&F team, but also uncompromised dedication. A few developers took a well-earned holiday after this project but the outcome was worth it: millions of people across the US and the world got a chance to breathe

Tech stack: Drupal, AWS, SASS, TWIG, jQuery, Jira.

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