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How Speed & Function worked on revolutionary interactive video technology before TikTok became trendy.

Tech stack: iOS, Android, Node.js, MongoDB, React Native.


Platforms showcasing short, rolling videos like Tik-Tok have exploded in recent years as the way we consume video media continues to change. The CEO and founder of InVidMe sensed this trend and wanted to develop a platform that enables users to simulate video dialogues with famous characters and then share them with friends and followers.

The key differentiator for this platform is that users can interact with well-known characters, as opposed to just posting their own videos. To attract investment, accurate data and reliable vendors to implement this solution were needed. The company hired a product manager who carefully researched the market, laying out various possible ideas for InVidMe. 

The team then approached Speed & Function to tackle this technical challenge and create a working and appealing app.


S&F had to roll out an MVP on a self-funded startup that had little money. Essentially, they took an idea to market which is always a hard thing to achieve. In fact, S&F welcomes complexity and environments with high levels of uncertainty.

There were also requests to include multiple additional features on top of the initial idea, followed by a key member of the client’s team leaving the business. Once again, that posed an additional risk on ability to deliver, but S&F always deliver on promises.


The team achieved these milestones:

  • Produced an MVP to confirm hypotheses and test new ideas
  • Helped to attract 40,000 early users and laid ground for fundraising
  • Developed native modules for the camera with React Native.

Speed & Function’s project manager for this client managed to take the lead and coordinate the delivery of the promised MVP. As a result, InVidMe was ready to raise investment as its founder envisioned.

Having spent over 2,100 hours on this project, S&F demonstrated its capacity to deliver products in the area of interactive media and entertainment.

Secret Sauce

Speed & Function always strives to understand users’ needs. The team is willing to acquire new skills to resolve a wide range of business challenges and ultimately satisfy the needs of the end customers. Having a developmental approach at its core, S&F is capable of overcoming initial gaps and aims to deliver beyond expectations. As a result of this continuous effort, projects like InVidMe are set to become revolutionary tools.

Tech stack: iOS, Android, Node.js, MongoDB, React Native.