Head of Project Management

Our new Head of Project Management practice (PMO) will lead a team 7-10 PMs and advance the company’s Agile transformation. The ideal candidate has led organizations through Agile transformation and developed PMs personally and professionally. 

Your role responsibilities would include, approximately:

  • Manage, mentor and develop project managers within the context of their contribution to cross-functional teams via a matrix reporting structure. 
  • Implement project management best practices in all projects, both client-facing and internal. 
  • Player-coach PMs within select projects. 
  • Look into the future and risk-manage. 
  • Contribute to revenue-related initiatives (sales, conversion). 
  • Executive reporting. 
  • Facilitate establishing and upgrading our internal and external relationships to partnership through coaching, training and example. 
  • Operational management: assigning managers to projects, managing their workload, planning and tracking their training, retention, compensation models, etc.

You’re a fit if you have: 

  • 7+ years of Project Management
  • 5+ years in custom software technology
  • 3+ years of leadership
  • Scrum
  • Reconciling budgets, timelines, escalations and stakeholder expectations
  • United States-based clients
  • Fluent English
  • Mastery of trust-building, such as trustedadvisor.com
  • Coaching skills
  • Cross-functional experience in product management, coding, client management, sales, QA and other delivery-related functions 
  • Desired: understanding of developmental psychology
  • Desired: US visa

Goals for the evaluation period: 

  • Evaluate and report on the current state of affairs: the PMO practice and individual member development level
  • Develop project health metrics and implement a reporting system
  • Based on the 2 items above, develop the PMO strategy that the leadership team will accept
  • Demonstrate strong coaching and mentoring skills
  • Demonstrate strong escalation handling skills, where an escalation is resolved resulting in a happy client and converted into a set of processes that is scaled to the rest of the PMO team/projects
  • Collect feedback from everyone you’ve closely interacted with (PMO, engineering and leadership team members) using the Client Score / NPS and Retrospective approaches. The result is that 80% of people surveyed indicated a high level of trust and expressed a strong desire to continue working with you. 

1-year goal:

  • In cooperation with our Client Success team, sell/convert one PM-as-a-Service project independent of our application development services and receive positive feedback from the client. The PM engaged on such a project has never directly managed external teams through S&F before. 


  • This position is full-time remote with occasional need for on-site collaboration in various offices (Budva, Philadelphia, Lviv, etc). 
  • Work hours are flexible, with our core locations overlap (ET, CET, EET). 

About the company:

Speed & Function does software development that’s so collaborative, it’s practically built in-house. That is, in fact, the cornerstone of our philosophy – we act as collaborators, not contractors. In business since 2006, our mission is to build a unique working framework that’s relevant to 21st-century challenges and allows for the delivery of both state-of-the-art tech solutions and amazing collaboration experiences. Also, we are striving to become a Deliberately Developmental Organization. That is how we’ll create a place that embraces both human and tech flourishing in its entirety. 


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