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Recovery Resort + Speed and Function


Heavy renderings vs. fast load speed: creating a state-of-art, scalable website for a high-end recovery center in Pennsylvania.

Tech stack: Front-end: Twig, SASS, Gulp, Javascript; Server-side: Drupal 8 Infrastructure: Pantheon Third-party services: Mailchimp; Platform for collaboration: Airtable.

NAICS: 621420.


An East Coast digital agency turned to S&F for a simple landing page for the high-end recovery center in Pennsylvania. This project was important for the agency because they were looking forward to converting the created landing page into a full-scale website in the future and planned to show their expertise and high quality of work.

The landing had to reflect the essence of the center: innovation and a modern approach to recovery. The avant-garde design of the building and its tranquil atmosphere were envisioned as an instrument in the treatment process. Therefore, the landing page should have conveyed this atmosphere to the clients through renderings and creative web design solutions.


Our team created a landing page based on the provided designs. One of Speed and Function developers offered to use a horizontal scroll with the top navigation and a creative cursor to reflect the modernity of the project. As for scalability, Drupal 8 made this landing page flexible and allowed clients to edit autonomously without developer assistance.

To load the page faster, we optimized image sizes and resolutions. We leveraged frontend tools for scaling and cropping to achieve this goal and to keep the visual quality and resolution of the pictures (Twig, SASS, Gulp, Javascript).


The project took 100 hours and was released in time. The client got a stable version of the landing page that will be rebuilt into the full website in the future.

Both the agency and the end client appreciated the creativity, scalability, and fast loading of the project. Speed and Function enhanced the relationship with partners and got a support agreement.

Secret Sauce

In this project, several challenges combined: high-resolution renderings vs. load speed; stability vs. flexibility; the brevity and simplicity of material vs. capturing design solutions. Due to close communication with the clients to perfectly understand their needs, choosing the tech right stack, and a little bit of design magic, the project was ready to shine in both the original and future versions.

Tech stack: Front-end: Twig, SASS, Gulp, Javascript Server-side: Drupal 8 Infrastructure: Pantheon Third-party services: Mailchimp Platform for collaboration: Airtable.

Tags: healthcare, resort, recovery, rendering, landing page, image optimization, 621420.